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How it works?

The visitor scans the code and writes a review
Open the camera or app to scan the QR code, hover over the code, and go through the enhancement. Fill out the form and send it to the owner of the institution.

Send review to the leader

Review can be sent ANONYMOUSLY

The boss receives feedback and responds to it.
The owner of the establishment instantly receives your message and answers it in the form of SMS.

Mmm, new review

Client satisfied, opinion taken into account
The client receives a message and is pleased that his wishes have been heard.

Cool service

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Coffee Craft
the Day the Night
Ketili puri
Любовь и голуби
Смачні традиції
Gastro cafe


How to get feedback from customer?
With the help of our QRboss service, there are several ways to get feedback. Place QR codes at points of contact with the client: reception, menus, business cards, stickers on tables, receipts or on product packaging. Or place a link to a page with a response on a social network website, or send it personally to a client in instant messengers.
How to improve customer service with the service?
The QRboss feedback service gives the customer the opportunity to leave wishes or comments. In response to this, you will show interest in him and prove that you are ready to listen to his opinion and eliminate shortcomings. Even a reaction to a positive comment will mean that the client is heard. Thanks to the built-in metrics and evaluation scales, the customer can evaluate those parameters that directly affect the quality of the service or product. With the analytics module you will be able to track trends and changes in parameters.
What are the ways to retain customers?
Quick reaction to the negative and a balanced position in communication - the main factors of customer retention. Of course, when solving problems you can stimulate the client with discounts, compensations, bonuses, but in our opinion to be heard for the client is perhaps the most important.
What are the types of feedback?
There are many types of customer feedback: book of complaints and suggestions, questionnaires, telephone survey, response form on the Internet, a notebook with reviews instead of a folder for the account, feedback on the site or on the pages of social networks of the institution (companies), pages of local and regional forums, specialized sites with reviews, reviews on Google Map and of course feedback services via QR codes.